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We lighten the load for you by assisting with every aspect of digital content delivery. Whether it’s creative design or software development, we’ve got you covered.

For 17 years, we’ve been serving global giants with top-notch quality, yet we carry the perks of a small businessnimble, swift, & cost-effective, our advantage unfolds.

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Creative Design

The process starts with creative design. Whether it is classic print communication, an interactive application, or a motion picture.

We imagine and sketch it, and create a wireframe or even a working UX prototype. We can design your brand identity, draw and animate graphics, and produce complete print products as well.

JM Digital Agency Creative Design
Icon Branding

Powerful Brands

We define the most important rules which determine and personalize our unique brand communication. This is the cornerstone of the brand building! We love to design brands and identities.

Icon Print Production

It works on paper

We can design & print it, whether it’s a brochure, business card, flyer, poster, notepad, postcard, envelope, catalog, mock-up, banner, roll-up, poster, or another unique paper-based medium.

Icon Animation Production

Animation & Video

Motion graphics are the most effective way to reach your target audience. People today have neither the time nor the dedication to read long texts. Everithing is in motion, spectacular and exciting.

Icon UX Design

Know your users

User experience research is a psychological-behavioral research process, that allows us to understand how our users think. Develop products or services for them based on this knowledge.

Jm Digital Agency Software Development


Software Development

We know a wide range of computer applications. We develop websites for different platforms, mobile applications, games, and interactive educational tools.

WordPress or Drupal-based sites, Veeva e-detailer presentations, Approved email campaigns, exhibition activities, and games, as well as mobile applications – are all part of our expertise.

Icon Web Development

Web Development

You can hold the screen in your palm, or have it covering the wall of your room; on the move, or while lying in bed. We know the numerous ways a website can be used, therefore we can safely design an app or website for all available platforms.

Icon E-detailing


E-detailer tools are indispensable for communication in the field of healthcare. Veeva is a standard technology solution and we have been a certified Veeva partner for several years. We are certified Veeva developers.

Icon Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Approved email, developed by Veeva, is an important communication tool for medical sales representatives. A well-targeted email marketing campaign can be an excellent way to help achieve marketing objectives.

Icon Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

If you need a dedicated tool, a mobile app is the way to go. Mobile apps are designed to perform a specific task, utilizing the device’s sensors and features, such as navigation, gyroscope, or camera.


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